The Board is committed to ensuring the protection of the Criminal Justice Information (CJI) and its subset of Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) until the information is purged or destroyed in accordance with applicable record retention rules. Accordingly, this policy applies to any electronic or physical media containing Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) CJI while being stored, accessed, or physically moved from a secure location within the district. This policy also applies to any authorized person who accesses, stores, and/or transports electronic or physical media containing criminal history record information. Criminal Justice Information (CJI) …

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  • Last Reviewed/Revised: December 2023
  • Last Adopted: November 10, 2021

Cross References:

  • GBEB, Staff Conduct (and Responsibilities)
  • GCE/GCF, Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring
  • GDE/GDF, Support Staff Recruiting/Hiring
Policy Section: GB - All Personnel

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