Scholarship info listed may not be fully updated for 2023-24.  Please contact the Counselor’s Office for details on the below listed scholarships. 

Use the Filter Scholarships tool to the right to filter scholarships by Application Deadline month and/or GPA requirements.  Choosing “2.5” GPA will show you all scholarships from No GPA requirements up to 2.5.  Deadlines for scholarships vary within the month, so check each scholarship for it’s specific deadline date.

Scholarship Deadline Min. GPA
180 Medical Scholarship Program None/Varies
Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Open/Varies None/Varies
ACLU Young Activist Scholar January None/Varies
American Veterans Scholarship Program April None/Varies
Animation Career Review June None/Varies
Ann Delores Scott Memorial January None/Varies
Arctic Physical Therapy August 3.0
Army ROTC February 2.5
Automotive Hall of Fame Scholarship June 3.0
AXA Foundation Achievement Scholarship December None/Varies
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – Gates Millennium Scholars Program January 3.3
Broker Fish International Scholarship December None/Varies
Burg Simpson College Scholarship February None/Varies
Burger King Scholars Program December None/Varies
Coca-Cola Scholarship October 3.0
Colby McCarley Memorial Scholarship Before Graduation None/Varies
Colorado Association of Career Colleges and Schools Scholarships February 3.0
Colorado Garden Foundation Scholarship March None/Varies
Colorado Society of Mayflower Descendants February None/Varies
Colorado Springs Elks Lodge – Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship December None/Varies
Colorado Young Farmers Educational Association Scholarships March None/Varies
CU Denver Business School Scholarship None/Varies
Daniels Fund November None/Varies
Daniels Scholarship Program January None/Varies
Doodle 4 Google December None/Varies
Double El Conservation District April None/Varies
Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship November None/Varies
Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund March 3.0
Flavor of the Month Scholarship – Unigo July None/Varies
Fort Hays State University Distinguished Scholars Program October 3.5
Frame my Future Scholarship March None/Varies
GrowAgLeaders February None/Varies
Harry S Truman Scholarship February None/Varies
Heubner Scholarship February None/Varies
Hispanic Annual Salute Scholarship October 2.5
Horatio Alger Scholarship October 2.0
ITT Technical Instritute Scholarship None/Varies
Kaplan University None/Varies
LAEF Scholarship November 3.0
LEAD Foundation – Dottie Walker Lead Foundation March None/Varies
M helpdesk Scholarship December None/Varies
Mountain View Electric Association Scholarship January None/Varies
National Co-op Scholarship Program February 3.5
National FFA Scholarship Program February None/Varies
Odenza Marketing Group September None/Varies
Otero Junior College – Colorado Scholars Program – STEM Scholarships Open/Varies 3.0
Proton OnSite Scholarship February None/Varies
Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program January None/Varies
Superpower Scholarship – Unigo March None/Varies
The Colorado Society of Mayflower Descendants Scholarship Awards March None/Varies
The Dream US Scholarship March 2.5
The Quest Bridge National College Match None/Varies
University Honors and Leadership Program Open/Varies None/Varies
Ventures Scholars Prorgram None/Varies
Visionary Scholarship Program April None/Varies
White Rose Scholarship January 3.0
Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship – Unigo October None/Varies