View/Print/Share Antioch Daily Bread Food Pantry Information Sheet


The pantry is open one Saturday a month. It operates on a first come, first serve basis from 9:00am to 10:00am.

How many times can people come each month?

You can shop at the pantry one time each month. If you are in need of additional food during the month you can call to set up an appointment to pick up more food.

Who can shop at the pantry?

Anyone in need of food for their family.

Do we close for bad weather or other reasons?

The pantry will try not to close in bad weather, but if we have a blizzard, we might not be able to get to the church.  Most likely, our customers won’t be able to get to the church, either, if we have that kind of storm.   Announcements will be posted on Facebook – ACC Antioch Community Church or Facebook – Yoder Community.

Where do we get our food?

We get our food from multiple vendors (including but not limited to Shamrock Foods, Care and Share, Black Forrest Cares, community donations, etc. We also have food drives several times a year through the local schools.

Who pays for the food that is given out through the pantry?

Antioch Community Church members.


Antioch Community Church – Daily Bread Food Pantry is located at 5855 Boone Road, Yoder, CO 80864.

For more information visit our Facebook – ACC Antioch Community Church or contact (719) 322-3999 to set up an appointment.