In recognition of the confidential nature of student education records, no person or agency may access student education records without prior written consent from the student’s parent/guardian or the eligible student, except as set forth in law and this policy. The superintendent or designee shall provide for the proper administration of student records in accordance with law, including the implementation of safeguard measures or procedures regarding access to and disclosure of student education records. Content and custody of student education records The principal is the official custodian of records in his or her building. Student education records in all formats …

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  • Last Reviewed/Revised: June 2012
  • Last Adopted: November 13, 1996

Cross References:

  • GBG, Liability of School Personnel/Staff Protection
  • JK, Student Discipline
  • JLC, Student Health Services and Records
  • JRCA*, Sharing of Student Records/Information between School District and State Agencies
  • KLMA, Relations with Military Recruiters, Postsecondary Institutions and Prospective Employers
Policy Section: J - Students

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