Miami-Yoder School District JT-60 Rush, CO 80833 Name of Certified Employee: ____________________________________________ Date of Application: ____________________________________________________ University/College: _____________________________________________________ Degree Program entered: ________________________________________________ Date Completed: _______________________________________________________ Course(s) Name and Description: _________________________________________ I have read Miami-Yoder School District JT-60 Board Policy GCBB-1 and acknowledge that resignation from the district within the reimbursement time frame may result in repayment to the district for tuition reimbursement paid. Signed_____________________________________________________ Date ______________________________________________________ Return original copy to administrative office: _________ Reviewed by Building Principal (Signature) ________________________ _________ Approval by Superintendent (Signature) __________________________

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  • Last Adopted: September 11, 2008

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Policy Section: GC - Professional Staff

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