The Board is committed to protecting the confidentiality of student information obtained, created and/or maintained by the district. Student privacy and the district’s use of confidential student information are protected …

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Last Revised: November 2017 Last Adopted: November 9, 2017 Cross References:

  • BEDH, Public Participation at School Board Meetings EHB, Records Retention
  • GBEB, Staff Conduct (And Responsibilities)
  • GBEE*, Staff Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications
  • JLDAC, Screening/Testing of Students (and Treatment of Mental Disorders)
  • JRA/JRC, Student Records/Release of Information on Students
  • JRCA*, Sharing of Student Records/Information between School District and State Agencies
  • JS*, Student Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications
  • KLMA, Relations with Military Recruiters, Postsecondary Institutions and Prospective Employers
Policy Section: J - Students

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