The Board is a public servant, and its meetings and records shall be matters of public information, subject to such restrictions as are set by federal law or regulation, by state statute or by pertinent court rulings. The official minutes of the Board, its written policies and its financial records shall be open for inspection at the office of the superintendent by any citizen desiring to examine them during hours when the office of the superintendent is open. However, no records shall be released for inspection by the public or any unauthorized persons–either by the superintendent or any other person …

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  • Last Reviewed/Revised: March 2015
  • Last Adopted: April 1, 1985

Cross References:

  • BEDA, Notification of School Board Meetings
  • BEDG, Minutes
  • DAB*, Financial Administration
  • EGAEA, Electronic Communication
  • GBJ, Personnel Records and Files
  • JRA/JRC, Student Records/Release of Information on Students
Policy Section: K - School-Community-Home Relations

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