The team arrives ready for work.

The team arrives ready for work.

The Miami Yoder FFA chapter traveled north to Simla on Friday the 13th to lend helping hands to Double El Conservation for the 2016 Annual Seedling Tree Day.

Arriving at Warehouse A, they were greeted by 15,000 seedling trees, all neatly lined up along the perimeter, and given the lay of the land by Double El’s District manager, Cheryl Churchwell.   The trusty hand cart stood by, waiting to be put to work.

Picture of FFA team in action

Don retrieves trees for customer, Ariel carrying order to car, while Kalyan, Terryn, Chris and Mr. Payne get ready for next customer.

As customers checked in, the FFA team worked the perimeter, collecting trees to fill orders and assisting community members in hauling their bounty to their vehicle.   Large rolls of weed barrier hefted onto strong shoulders, while smiling faces delivered the proper plants to waiting customers.

As the day wore on, there were times for rest and picture taking, then a flurry of activity to take care of the next wave of customers.

Picture of FFA chapter team at 2016 Tree Day for Double El Conservation

FFA Chapter Members (Left to Right): Ariel Bowden, Kaylan Bowden, Terryn Price, Chris Carneal, Don Rivera, Instructor Nolan Payne.

Picture of Double El Conservation District Manager Cheryl Churchwell and Miami Yoder FFA Instructor Nolan Payne

District Manager for Double El Conservation District and Miami-Yoder JT60 Instructor Nolan Payne (FFA) give short interview on the benefits of Partnerships during a lull in taking care of customers.

When asked about the benefits of partnerships, FFA instructor, Nolan Payne, sees many advantages,

“We really appreciate the partnership and support from Cheryl and Double El Conservation, it’s a tremendous help. Much of what the kids learn in FFA is classroom instruction. Through activities like this, they not only get hands on experience, but also the opportunity to meet and work with members of the community, whether in Rush, Calhan, Simla or elsewhere, while they participate in community service, learn responsibility and finishing a job once you start – life skills that really are so very important, especially in our rural communities.”

Cheryl is just as appreciative of the partnership as Nolan,

“It’s a huge help for us, we couldn’t do this program (Annual Tree Program) without our volunteers.  We love our partnership with Miami-Yoder FFA.  They have also made signs for our boundaries, as well as other projects.  We just keep our minds going to see what else we can partner on, to help each other. It’s a great partnership.”

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