According to policy IJJ, Textobook Selection and Adoption, review and selection of textbooks that shall be recommended to the School Board for adoption will rest with a committee appointed by the Superintendent.

The District Accountability Committee reviewed the following website which contains a sample of the middle school health textbook being recommended to the School Board. This textbook would be purchased as a web-based textbook (meaning the textbook would be accessed via a computer or other electronic device over the web). No hard-back textbook would exist with this purchase. The purposes of this adoption are as follows:

  1. To advance the educational objectives of the school system and particular objectives of the course or program.
  2. To ensure that students attain proficiency on state and district content standards.
  3. To contribute toward continuity, integration, and articulation of the curriculum.
  4. To establish a general framework for the particular course or program.

Community members are invited to visit the link below and submit comments to Sharon Webb or 719-478-2186 Ext. 1150.

Glencoe Online Learning Center – Teen Health Course 3

Departments: Secondary Principal

Grades: 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, Middle School

Classes: Health